Treix v0.4

Treix is a retro shooter made with the TIC platform (

Goal: Shoot aliens to maximize your score / win the game, preferably both simultaneously


  • X to shoot
  • Left and right to move along the bottom of the screen
  • Up to fire missiles (limited, get more from powerups)
  • Down to use your zip technology, or teleport if you have the powerup
  • Z to return to menu / incite rage in yourself if you mispress it


  • Four areas with five levels each
  • Each area has unique aliens and a boss
  • Nine different powerups in both metal and wood forms
  • Three difficulty settings
  • A nerdy easter egg


  • Five areas, maybe six, total
  • Endless arena mode
  • Detailed SFX settings
  • Strike the perfect balance of difficulty : score reward
  • Annihilation of all graphical and mechanical bugs
  • Anything I'm asked to make happen... seriously, just ask

My highscore on the upcoming version v0.5 is 9.3 million. Feel free to brag if you beat le creator. :)

Hall of Fame:

  • <you could be here>
  • Tisajokt: 9,367,776 (v0.5) died on 4-4, 756 aliens slain
  • Boberer: ~7,000,000 (v0.3)

Comments, feedback, and suggestions are quite appreciated!

Treix isn't the best name, suggestions on that matter are welcome as well!

Happy alien hunting!

Upcoming v0.5 changes: (expected by Dec 6th)

  • Fourth area boss
  • Persistent code memory and highscore
  • Difficulty rebalancing
  • New anti-missile system

v0.4 changes: (released Dec 3rd)

  • Turned down sound volume
  • Fourth area aliens (boss not yet implemented)
  • Codes gained in a session are remembered
  • Detailed SFX settings
  • Rebalanced area 2
  • Fixed some glitches


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plz make this game into a tic file and release it to the world or me email (



Love what you've done with this game and it really inspired me. Was wondering if I was able to put this into my directory to play locally when I dont have internet available. (saving and then using the get command doesnt seem to be working) Also you better watch out, I'm coming for those leaderboards :)

I'm really glad you find it inspiring! I don't think the TIC get command is fully implemented in browser, but if you get the client then you can download browser games' html files, which you can directly open offline in your browser. I'll make sure to pack raw executables into the next version I release.

I actually fell out of my TIC addiction and stopped working on Treix (I have a short project attention span) but your comment has brought new life and meaning to the game, plus it has reminded me that somewhere I have a 90% complete v0.5 release that I need to push -- so I'll continue working on it now. I should at least fulfill my original promise of 5 areas, and I'll try my best at making music for the game when that TIC update comes out. (hint hint @Nesbox) Perhaps I'll even make an area editor, though I have no idea how you'd save and share areas under TIC's current limitations. And I should probably start some code documentation.

And oh no, I'll have to get good at my own game again to keep up! What's your current highscore?

Delay on v0.5 for technical reasons.

problems with TIC or smth else? :)

Something else, my system is being wiped today as I reinstall my OS. Because I accidentally reformatted it. TIC is doing just fine :)

Okay, all back to normal, next Treix version is mostly complete and will be out soon, and perhaps a prototype of another TIC game I was working on. (a turn-based adventure/puzzle game)

Fine, thanks :)