Treix v0.4

Treix is a retro shooter made with the TIC platform (

Goal: Shoot aliens to maximize your score / win the game, preferably both simultaneously


  • X to shoot
  • Left and right to move along the bottom of the screen
  • Up to fire missiles (limited, get more from powerups)
  • Down to use your zip technology, or teleport if you have the powerup
  • Z to return to menu / incite rage in yourself if you mispress it


  • Four areas with five levels each
  • Each area has unique aliens and a boss
  • Nine different powerups in both metal and wood forms
  • Three difficulty settings
  • A nerdy easter egg


  • Five areas, maybe six, total
  • Endless arena mode
  • Detailed SFX settings
  • Strike the perfect balance of difficulty : score reward
  • Annihilation of all graphical and mechanical bugs
  • Anything I'm asked to make happen... seriously, just ask

My highscore on the upcoming version v0.5 is 9.3 million. Feel free to brag if you beat le creator. :)

Hall of Fame:

  • <you could be here>
  • Tisajokt: 9,367,776 (v0.5) died on 4-4, 756 aliens slain
  • Boberer: ~7,000,000 (v0.3)

Comments, feedback, and suggestions are quite appreciated!

Treix isn't the best name, suggestions on that matter are welcome as well!

Happy alien hunting!

Upcoming v0.5 changes: (expected by Dec 6th)

  • Fourth area boss
  • Persistent code memory and highscore
  • Difficulty rebalancing
  • New anti-missile system

v0.4 changes: (released Dec 3rd)

  • Turned down sound volume
  • Fourth area aliens (boss not yet implemented)
  • Codes gained in a session are remembered
  • Detailed SFX settings
  • Rebalanced area 2
  • Fixed some glitches


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plz make this game into a tic file and release it to the world or me email (


(1 edit)

Doesn't seem to be working in the latest Chrome 58.0.3029.110 (64-bit). Works fine in Firefox though. So that might be a reason to release the TIC file. :-)

Seems like several other TIC games on have this no-loading black screen problem, while the stuff on loads ok.

(1 edit)

Seems to still work fine for me using that Chrome version?

Edit: Though yeah, I think I'll still try and get around to releasing the .tic file anyway.


Love what you've done with this game and it really inspired me. Was wondering if I was able to put this into my directory to play locally when I dont have internet available. (saving and then using the get command doesnt seem to be working) Also you better watch out, I'm coming for those leaderboards :)

Deleted 5 years ago

Delay on v0.5 for technical reasons.

problems with TIC or smth else? :)

Something else, my system is being wiped today as I reinstall my OS. Because I accidentally reformatted it. TIC is doing just fine :)

Okay, all back to normal, next Treix version is mostly complete and will be out soon, and perhaps a prototype of another TIC game I was working on. (a turn-based adventure/puzzle game)

Fine, thanks :)